Society of General Internal Medicine

SGIM is an international organization of physicians and others who combine caring for patients with educating and/or doing research. It is dedicated to improving patient care, education, and research in primary care and general internal medicine.

Practice Areas:


Annual Planning

Designing and facilitating a process for the bord to establish priorities that lead creation of an annual plan

Each year the SGIM board works with a facilitator to identify its priorities for the next fiscal year. Oliver Tessier was chosen to facilitate the 2005 planning retreat. The project includes:

  • Designing (with the CEO and board chair) an interactive planning process that responds to organizational values and board-defined strategic initiatives

  • Integrating new board members into the planning process by helping them understand what is expected of them and by encouraging equal engagement by all participants

  • Facilitating a planning retreat to promote optimal participant involvement and clear outcomes

  • Reviewing the draft of the annual plan based on the work of the planning retreat