Oliver Tessier & Associates establishes confidential professional relationships with clients to hear their concerns, assess their needs, and provide expert guidance on issues of leadership, professional development, organizational capacity and culture, and career advancement.

Leadership Coaching

Leaders are challenged daily to rise above the demands of operating a successful business and keep their eyes on the organization’s mission and vision—yet efficient operations are essential to the nonprofit's capacity to provide services.

“Hiring a coach is the best investment I’ve made—for the organization and for myself.”

Managing this balance between the strategic and the practical is complex work for even the most seasoned executives; it can be particularly daunting for those new to leadership positions.

Our clients range from the very successful who want to stay ahead of the game to people who are overwhelmed by the challenges they face. We analyze individual situations and target advice, based on recognized best practices, to the client’s needs.

Coaching for High-potential Talent

Given the cost of finding and retaining talent that’s qualified to meet the demands of today’s workplace, organizations are increasingly recognizing the value of identifying their high-performers and using professional coaches to prepare them for successful advancement. When a new leader is prepared for what to expect and the organization knows what that leader needs, the savings in overall productivity is likely to be greater than the investment in coaching.

We work with managers and human resources departments to plan advancement tracks for promising employees. We coach individuals to identify and strengthen the skills they need succeed at their next step.

Coaching for Groups and Teams

From boards of directors to project directors, working groups have special needs, particularly with the recent focus on achieving a better balance between solo work and shared work. We stimulate groups to set clear expectations for the whole and for each individual member, improve focus, balance power, and optimize use of resources.

How We Work

Our strategy is to collaborate with the client to assess the present situation, define needs and opportunities, develop goals and plans to achieve them, and measure progress. Our role is to provide ideas, appropriately paced practical advice, and ongoing support. Clients report performance gains based clarity of focus, commitment to goals, and confidence as a result of these professional relationships.

Clients often ask us to create benchmarks by gathering feedback through solo interviews or focus groups. Those interviews are designed to identify themes and gaps in understanding without attributing any statement to a specific participant. In many cases we work solely with the individual, some of whom prefer that no one know they are being coached. We commit to confidentiality as part of our contract.

The frequency and duration of coaching depends on the client’s goals and time frame. Many choose to meet weekly; however, in some established relationships, Oliver Tessier & Associates is brought in on an as-needed basis to advise and collaborate on specific issues.



Our Clients Say

Oliver Tessier and his team literally saved this organization.
—  Jatrice Martel Gaiter, CEO, Planned Parenthood Metropolitan Washington

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