American Chemical Society

Founded more than 125 years ago, ACS has more than 167,000 members, making it one of the world's largest scientific professional associations. The organization has a complex governance structure with a board of directors elected by the membership.

Practice Areas:


Board Development

Multiple education and exploratoin sessions with the board that resolved long-standing issues and improved board performance

Oliver Tessier & Associates facilitated multiple board development meetings the the American Chemical Society over a period of two years, educating the board on the principles of effective governance and helping them resolve long-standing issues. Board members reported significant improvements in the work process and the ability of the board to advance toward goals.


Operational Planning

Building a second year business plan for a new and highly successful service area within ACS

Oliver Tessier designed and facilitated an operational planning session for ACS's, then a year-old, highly successful, Web-based job matching service that operated as an independent entity within the American Chemical Society.


Facilitation of planning retreat for the External Affairs Division

Design and delivery of a retreat to promote team dynamics among members of the 75-person External Affairs Division. Activities included interactive problem-solving and planning that unifies the efforts of multiple departments within the division. Participants emerged with a stronger sense of how each department functions and with shared plans for improving the division's deliverables while respecting work/life balance.

CEO Transition

Oliver Tessier & Associates worked with the ACS board to plan and coordinate the transition from a retiring CEO of twenty-five years to a new leader

The project included

  • Assisting the board in developing a transition process that would use resources effectively to meet stated goals

  • Defining tasks and timelines for the transition

  • Facilitating board decisions about organizational needs and leadership competencies

  • Preparing the position description and qualifications for board approval

  • Identifying prospective search firms for board selection

  • Recommending communication strategies

  • Supporting the board through the transition process