SAE International

SAE International serves as the global society for 122,000 engineers and related technical experts in the aerospace, automotive, and commercial vehicle industries. SAE has developed more than 2,600 globally used and recognized and standards for the ground vehicle industry. SAE's aerospace standards repository includes more than 6,700 documents and is the largest such collection of consensus standards in the world.

In addition to standards, SAE provides a wide range of professional-development courses and networking opportunities, helping engineering professionals and industry meet the challenges of a global marketplace.

Practice Areas:


Leadership Consulting

Coaching and organizational capacity building or the CEO and Executive Management Committee

Oliver Tessier serves as an leadership consultant to the CEO and members of the Executive Management Committee. He has designed and conducted 360 evaluations for the CEO.



Working with the CEO to write and design presentations, plans, and reports

Oliver Tessier works with the CEO of SAE to write, edit, and design presentations, long range plans, the organization's annual report, and other content.


Business Planning

Design, coordination, editing, and delivery of business plans for three entities under the SAE International umbrella

Oliver worked closely with SAE's CEO and senior management to create the 2017 annual business plan for SAE International. He designed and facilitated the retreat that launched the process, developed the template for input by business units, edited all content, and worked closely with the design team to create a highly polished finished product. He coordinated similar processes for the Performance Review Institute (PRI) and the SAE Industries Technologies Consortia (ITC).