Ethics Resource Center

The Ethics Resource Center (ERC), founded more than thirty years ago, is a leader and catalyst in fostering ethical practices in individuals and institutions.

Practice Areas:



Coaching the CEO and senior team members on leadership and management practices

Oliver Tessier & Associates works with the senior management team of the Ethics Resource Center to analyze and refine leadership and management practices. Recent work includes a 360 Evaluation of the CEO by members of the senior staff, which led to important changes in responsibility within the senior management team.

The ERC also uses Oliver Tessier & Associates for coaching when building new business plans.


Planning & Board Development

Clarification of board members' roles and the organization's areas of strategic focus

 Oliver Tessier & Associates worked with the Ethics Resource Center board on multiple occasions to:

  • Clarify expectations of board members

  • Help board members become more familiar with ERC's activities

  • Prioritize areas of strategic focus