Media Access Project

A non-profit, public interest law firm that promotes the public's First Amendment right to hear and be heard on the electronic media of today and tomorrow.

Practice Areas:


Leadership Coaching

Leadership and management coaching for MAP's CEO

Oliver Tessier advises the senior management team at MAP on issues of leadership, team interaction, and practical matters related to organizational structure and operations. He frequently facilitates strategy and brainstorming sessions among members of the group.


Project Funding and Donor Relations

Creation of organizational capacity building proposals and follow up reporting to funders

Oliver Tessier designed the original proposal to the Ford Foundation that underwrote three years of MAP's capacity building efforts. He subsequently assisted MAP in further proposals and evaluations of progress as well as in MAP's ongoing relationship with the Ford Foundation through the capacity building process.


Board Development

Assistance with board expansion, organization and motivation of committees, and refinement of governance procedures

Oliver Tessier has worked closely with MAP's board since 2004, defining board and committee responsibilities, revising by-laws, assisting in the nominating process, and supporting new officers and committees as they reach their desired performance levels.

MAP has several highly-committed new board members, and its board's productivity has increased dramatically.



Design and facilitation of a board strategic planning retreat and three successsive annual operating plans

Having gained support for organizational capacity building from the Ford Foundation, the Media Access Project (MAP) chose Oliver Tessier & Associates to assist in the development of a strategic plan that focused on building MAP's organizational strength. The MAP board of directors approved a strategic plan in January 2004, and staff immediately began developing the most detailed operating plans they have ever used. Participants report high levels of satisfaction with the structure and ability to measure progress these plans provide.

Oliver Tessier has subsequently assisted MAP senioir staff in creating successive annual operating plans and evaulating progress against those plans.