Because leadership transitions are both critical to organizational success and labor intensive, boards benefit from having outside professionals to help them clarify and agree upon the organization's needs, as well as to coordinate the multiple steps of the search with the efforts of the hiring team.

Sample Leadership Transition Services

  • Assist the board in understanding what to expect from the transition process and how to best use their resources, tailoring the transition process to the nonprofit's needs, and establishing timetables for activities included in the process

  • Interview board members, staff, and constituents to learn of their interests and concerns about new leadership

  • Assist board leadership in identifying members of a Search Committee

  • Lead the board through an exploration of key issues on to define the role of the new CEO

  • Assist in developing or refining the job description for the CEO

  • Identify prospective search firms and coordinate their interviews with the board

  • Ensure timely, appropriate communication among all constituents (board, committees, staff, membership, funders, clients, the public)

  • Coordinate the work of the executive search firm, Search Committee, and the board throughout the search process

Our Involvement

Oliver Tessier & Associates will offer you a menu of services from which to choose. We will gladly make recommendations based on your needs and resources; however, the degree to which you involve us in your process is up to you.



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