Substance Abuse and Job Security

Can I be fired for having an addiction problem?

Staff Retention Problems

Our members are happy, but our staff turnover is alarmingly high. We don't know why. What do you suggest?

Showing Ones Age

Should I show my date of graduation on my resume?

The Role of the Chair

How to support the CEO with respect for the authority of the position

Rising Through the Ranks

I've been promoted to head my department. How do I supervise the people who have been my peers?

Raising the Bar on Performance

I have to get better performance from my team if I'm going to succeed as a new CEO. How can I?

Performance Evaluation

Not everyone on my staff has experience evaluating performance. What basics should I make sure they all know?

Moving Up the Career Ladder

Do I have to change firms to get ahead?

Managing Staff without Interfering

As a new department head, how do I manage staff while showing a healthy respect for their autonomy?

Joining a Nonprofit Board

Is it true that being on a nonprofit board will make me a more attractive CEO candidate?

I've been fired!

I've been fired without warning. What can I do?

Is It Time to Leave My Job?

I've had only one long-term employer. Is that going to look bad on my resume?

The Importance of Thinking Strategically

How do I rise abover the everyday to keep in touch with the big picture?

Hiring from Outside the Nonprofit Sector

What are the pitfalls/advantages of hiring someone from outside the nonprofit sector?

Fair Compensation

How do get better balance between compensation and quality from my staff?

Confidentiality and Your Job References

How do I give a reference from my current employer without jeopardizing my job?

Broadcasting Your Resume

Should I send my resume to search firms?

Board Resistance to CEO Progress

I was hired to initate change. That's what I'm doing, but my board is resisting. What do you recommend?

Balancing Internal and External Leadership Demands

I'm a strong external CEO, but operations don't interest me. How can I compensate?


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Substance Abuse and Job Security

Can I be fired for having an addiction problem?

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