Executive Coaching, an Overview

A short summary of how executive coaching works, how to get the best return on your investment of time and money, and how to find a coach who's a good match for your needs.

Put Me In, Coach: Using Professional Coaches to Support the CEO and Board

An overview of the value of using professional coaches, including how to go about choosing a coach. Published by BoardSource in July 2002.

The Leadership Triad in Performing Arts Organizations

An exploration of the partnership that includes the Board, the CEO, and the Artistic Director in performing arts organizations. Published by The Chorus America Leadership Series.

The Nonprofit ED's First 100 Days

As an incoming leader, you are the subject of unrelenting scrutiny while on one of your steepest learning curves. Feature article in NONPROFIT QUARTERLY, Spring 2008

What The Best Expect

Learning what the top executives at some very successful associations look for in their team members may just help you find the perfect combination of chemistry, talent, and commitment in your organization. Feature article in ASSOCIATIONS NOW.


Our Clients Say

People are still talking about your keynote at our conference last year. That doesn't happen often.
—  Nancy M. Hunt, VP of Professional Development, Arthritis Foundation

Nonprofit Q&A

Balancing Internal and External Leadership Demands

I'm a strong external CEO, but operations don't interest me. How can I compensate?

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